A no-code tool to help businesses connect their services and apps and automate workflows.


Zapier streamlines your workflows by automating data transfers between your apps and services. Zapier integrates with over 5,000 apps, providing infinite customization options for maximum productivity.

Stackit's thoughts

Who's it for?

Zapier is an excellent tool for those looking to automate their workflows and boost productivity without writing any code. Companies like Asana, Shopify, Slack, and Meta rely on Zapier to connect their services and apps for greater efficiency. With Zapier, you can automatically share your posts on your favorite platforms, receive email alerts on Slack, download email attachments to Dropbox, track meetings and leads, handle product fulfillment, and more.

Pricing info

Free plan (100 tasks/month) to get started. Includes a starter plan (750 tasks/month) for $19.99/month, a professional plan (2,000 tasks/month) for $49/month, a team plan (50,000 tasks/month) for $399/month, and a company plan (100,000 tasks/month) for $799/month.

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