A resourceful, cloud-based design tool that enables real-time collaboration among design teams.


Figma enables experienced professionals and aspiring designers to collaborate on design projects. It enables users to create websites, website wireframes, UI prototypes, digital whiteboards, and more. Users can easily inspect design code and export files on their web browser.

Stackit's thoughts

Who's it for?

Figma is ideal for all kinds of graphic design work, from crafting social media posts, prototyping designs, designing mobile app interfaces, wireframing websites, and everything in between. It’s useful for designers and design teams looking for a platform that offers real-time collaboration. Figma provides plenty of community-based features, like inviting people to view and comment on your designs or inspect your design code. It’s an excellent option for those looking for a design platform with an extensive library of templates, plugins, and widgets.

Pricing info

Free plan (3 Figma files/month) to get started, includes a professional plan (unlimited Figma files) for $12/editor/month, an organization plan (everything included in the professional plan plus added features) for $45/editor/month, and an enterprise plan (more flexible controls and advanced security) for $75/editor/month.

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