A modern online chat tool for businesses that want to engage with website visitors.


Drift helps marketing, sales, and customer teams connect more easily with your customers through conversational marketing. Drift enables real time and personalized conversations with your customers through your website and landing pages.

Stackit's thoughts

We love how easy Drift is to set up, and it really can make a chat bot feel like a human interaction through its personalization and workflows.

Who's it for?

More than 50,000 businesses use Drift to align sales and marketing. Useful for any business looking to enable revenue in creative and personalized ways through live and automated chat. As a best-in-class chatbot, Drift is meant for businesses ready to use more advanced capabilities. They offer a great discounted plan for startups looking to scale. If you need more basic functionality there are other options, some of which come standard with your CRM, form tool, or website platform. But for those looking to really get the best out of conversational marketing, Drift is one of the best tools out there!

Pricing info

Free tier to get started, contact their sales team for higher tiers with more functionality. Discounted pricing for startups.

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