A user-friendly project management platform that helps businesses share and organize data and unify workflows.


Airtable enables businesses to store, organize, and share data efficiently. It helps businesses build powerful, custom applications without writing a single line of code. With Airtable, businesses can create a database and use it to power integrations, visualizations, and processes that make their application truly unique. 

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Who's it for?

Over 300,000 businesses, including Fortune 100 companies and small businesses, rely on Airtable to streamline their processes and workflows. Airtable is for those looking for an efficient, easy-to-use, end-to-end work management platform to boost productivity. Airtable’s interface features Excel-like columns and rows, making it ideal for users who are familiar with spreadsheets. Airtable’s relational database enables teams to collaborate more efficiently by allowing them to track changes and automate repetitive tasks. Whether you want to create custom workflows for your marketing campaigns, build creative applications, or organize your data and processes more efficiently, you can’t go wrong with Airtable.

Pricing info

Free plan to get started. Includes a plus plan for $10/user/month and a pro plan for $20/user/month. Contact their sales team for the pricing information of their enterprise plan.

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